Changes in Site Selection Strategies: What Will Be the Effects of the Dynamic US Economy and Evolution of COVID-19?

Sep 15, 2020

Changes in Site Selection Strategies: What Will Be the Effects of the Dynamic US Economy and Evolution of COVID-19?

As strange as it sounds, at the end of 2019 I was hopeful the US economy would experience a minor “correction” in 2020. This would help it reach a more stable platform for continued growth after more than 120 months of expansion.  For the site selection business overall, why not have this correction in an election year when site location activity typically slows anyway?  Well, as 2020 approaches its closing months, it appears the economic adjustments resulting from COVID-19 brought more economic correction than I had hoped for.

The drivers of selecting optimal sites for manufacturing, distribution and headquarters facilities change after every economic downturn. The current economic event and its relationship with COVID-19 will lead to the most profound changes in corporate site selection strategy ever.  To provide insights into  upcoming changes in site location practice, SDG is initiating an informative weekly blog to explore these and other topics:

  •  Business sector winners and losers that will determine which sectors are active
    in site location as well as those that are not,
  • Increases in automation and its impacts on capital intensity and employee skill
  • Changes in requirements for office locations,
  • Onshoring/Reshoring
  • Supply chain and logistics impacts,
  • The ways governments and utilities will change their approach to economic
    development, including enhancements in site location incentives.

Please be on the lookout for the first blog within the coming weeks.

[Strategic Development Group, Inc. (SDG) is a professional site location firm that provides solutions to its corporate clients related to their site selection decisions. Leveraging a professional team with decades of experience across the US in locating domestic and foreign projects resulting in billions of dollars in capital investment, SDG is nationally recognized for innovation, competency, integrity and results.]


  1. Nancy C Windham

    Mark. Look forward to reading your blog. So many changes and “opportunities”. Thank you for sharing your expertise! Hope you and your family are well and happy!

  2. Mark Williams


    Great to hear from you! The next blog should be published in the next week or two. Everyone here is fine as I hope it is with you.


  3. Ted Abernathy

    Good insights. What factors do you think will be most important for education competitiveness for site selectors; outcomes, educational attainment, investment, training capacity? I agree that it will be more important, just trying to better understand how place comparisons might be made.



      Good to hear from you.

      Site selectors will continue to ramp up evaluation of K-12 programs along with other training opportunities. We need proxies for workforces able to absorb new and more sophisticated rounds of technology.




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