Confidentiality in the Site Selection Process is Critical

May 29, 2019

Confidentiality in the Site Selection Process is Critical

Most corporations conducting site searches for manufacturing, distribution and office facilities prefer that information related to their site search remain confidential until projects are announced.  The impacts of site confidential search information entering the public domain prematurely can result in challenges including:

  • Increasing land prices and loss of negotiating leverage in other areas
  • Business competitors becoming aware of planned increases in production capacity
  • Employees at existing facilities becoming concerned over the reasons for establishing  new facilities
  • Distracting press inquiries.

Professional site location project management will likely eliminate unwanted distribution of confidential information. Methods of preserving confidentiality include requests for non-disclosure agreements, establishment of project code names and dealing with trustworthy parties are typically successful methods of limiting untimely public disclosure of confidential project issues.

Strategic Development Group provides site selection and incentive negotiation services for a diverse range of manufacturing, distribution, office and corporate headquarters location projects.  We would be pleased to discuss your company’s site location needs.


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