Mark Williams Participates in Elite Site Selectors Annual Meeting

Mar 23, 2015

Mark Williams, Strategic Development Group, Inc. Participates in Elite Site Selectors Annual Meeting
Key site selection trends and issues impacting today’s economy featured

COLUMBIA, SC (March 2015)— At the recent annual conference of the Site Selectors Guild (SSG) in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Mark Williams, SSG Board Member and President of Strategic Development Group, Inc. participated in the development and release of information from a member survey pointing to an anticipated uptick in corporate investment and new job creation in the U.S. over the coming year.

“As corporate location advisor to many of the world’s top companies, the Guild members have a unique perspective on emerging trends that impact job creation and new investment globally,” Williams said. “The annual SSG conference is an opportunity for our members to share with the economic development community what corporations need and want in a site location.”

Site Selection Trends survey released
New at this year’s conference was the release of the Guild’s first State of Site Selection Trends survey results and an in-depth moderated panel discussion of those findings. The survey, based upon responses from all Guild members, had the following findings:

  • An expected significant increase in the number of manufacturing site selection projects inside the US over the next three years, and a corresponding slight decrease in the number of manufacturing site selection projects outside the US over that same time period.
  • The manufacturing sectors that are expected to invest the most significantly in the US over the next 3 years are, in order: automotive/related assembly, chemical/petroleum-based products, food and beverage.
  • The most critical location factors that are expected to drive the growth of US site selection projects are access to a robust market, logistics, low energy costs, access to talent, and low business risk relative to other parts of the world.
  • An increase in foreign direct investment (FDI) in the US, with Germany expected to be the leading investor in new site selection projects in the US, followed by China and Japan.

About The Site Selectors Guild
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