Our process isn’t always simple, but it’s strategic. And it’s why we’ve earned a reputation for navigating the complexities of site selection while negotiating and delivering the best possible location, and protecting your bottom line.

With full transparency and only the highest ethical standards, our expert team is here to guide you every step of the way so that you can move forward with your business – without looking back.

Discover our Pinpoint Process.

Step 1: Complete Project Alignment

Alignment with our clients is critical to the success of every site selection project. That’s why we collaborate closely with your project team to identify your needs, work through your challenges and leverage every opportunity.

Step 1 of our process includes:

  • Verifying and prioritizing critical site location criteria
  • Reviewing site location and incentive negotiation processes with a focus on what is expected of every team member
  • Identifying regions under consideration
  • Outlining timelines and deliverables

Step 2: Identify Qualified Locations

After extensive primary and secondary research, Step 2 of our process focuses on identifying those communities and specific sites that meet the critical site location criteria.

Step 3: Recommend Finalist Locations

After carefully analyzing the criteria, we’re able to conduct field inspections to the qualified sites and evaluate all physical and operational conditions so that you can make the most informed decision for your company. With several comparative tools that offer in-depth labor evaluation, site characteristics analysis, logistics modeling, cost analysis, and a weighted decision matrix, Step 3 involves determining the most optimal finalist locations.

Step 4: Negotiate Incentives

Our in-depth cost model gives us, and, ultimately, you, a solid understanding of the cost differences between each of the finalist locations so that we’re able to establish a competitive environment for incentive negotiations as part of Step 4. Only after this analysis, can we identify and secure those incentives that are going to reduce the costs of the overall project, including upfront capital costs and long-term operating costs.

Step 5: Pinpoint Optimal Location

Based on the detailed analysis of costs, the incentive offers, and a final risk analysis of the site’s ability to meet the critical site location factors, Step 5 focuses on working closely with your team to make a final site location decision.

Step 6: Launch at the Selected Location

While our final step involves launching your selected location, we remain a trusted partner, addressing any ongoing site issues or securing of incentives so that you can stay focused on your new venture and business at hand.

“They exceeded expectations and provided a professional environment that facilitated plans and actions for all involved.”

“LKQ is extremely pleased with Strategic Development Group’s services as it related to our Nashville headquarters site selection. They helped LKQ find the best location for our North American headquarters, while negotiating a significant incentive package to help reduce our initial and ongoing project costs.

Their ability to navigate this process, while serving as our liaison with state and local economic development entities, was particularly useful for this project, as well as for many of our other ongoing distribution and warehousing projects. They exceeded expectations and provided a professional environment that facilitated plans and actions for all involved.”

– Sy Finkelstein

Director of Corporate Real Estate, LKQ Corporation