We offer insight into location decisions based on decades of experience across a wide range of industries. We bring this knowledge, our proven process, and a history of success to your project so you can be confident the community and site you select are optimal.

From automotive suppliers and steel mills to distribution facilities and major headquarters, we provide advisory services for respected US and global corporations.

Site Selection Services

Facility Expansions

For many companies, additional capacity is attained through expansion of an existing facility. This could mean a brick-and-mortar expansion or the addition of new capital equipment. Some companies have only one facility appropriate for expansion. Others have options when it comes to deploying new capital investment. Both circumstances merit a full evaluation of the location options.

SDG provides:

  • Evaluation of site characteristics
  • Workforce assessment
  • Availability of additional utility capacity
  • Transportation networks capacity assessment
  • Financial evaluation of operating costs and the local tax environment

For one location or multiple options, SDG assists in the negotiation of incentives that provide additional cost advantages for your project. Click here.

Manufacturing Site Selection

Based on your company’s needs, SDG will identify appropriate sites in your desired search region. Through a proven decision-making tool, we evaluate those sites by analyzing key criteria:

  • Transportation
  • Utilities
  • Demographics
  • Labor draw
  • And other critical factors

We also evaluate investment and operating costs that are geographically variable and will negotiate an incentive package to mitigate costs and strengthen the business case for your preferred site. Click here.

Headquarters Site Selection

Relocating company headquarters is often driven by subjective factors such as company culture and quality of life. We help your company marry these factors with those objectively good for business.

Our team has extensive experience helping companies navigate the complex landscape of a large office or headquarters relocation project with clarity and success. Learn more.

Incentive Negotiation Services

Local, state, and federal incentives are key to making a good location optimal. During the last two decades, SDG developed incentive negotiation techniques that reduce both start-up and operating costs for the life of a project. Incentives negotiated by SDG typically average $0.20 for every $1 in capital investment.  Learn more.

Economic Development Services

Site Discovery

Our country has a shortage of qualified industrial sites. We found that on average it takes five years from the identification of property suitable for a new capital investment to the time it is ready for market. As such, it is never too soon to begin looking for your next industrial site or park. SDG applies its considerable site selection experience as well as cutting-edge GIS technology to help communities identify sites appropriate for industrial development. Click here to learn more about our Site Discovery process.

Site Evaluation

The cornerstone of a successful economic development strategy is a robust portfolio of sites and buildings to attract new capital investment. Our unparalleled knowledge is built on 20 years of evaluating what makes a site appropriate and ready for development. We apply this expertise to the evaluation of sites for economic development organizations. We will evaluate your sites with the same rigor we approach all of the sites we examine for private sector clients. Learn more.

Other Economic Development Services

Our team has a unique combination of high-level economic development and site selection expertise that is simply not found in other consulting firms. Our principals advise governors, county councils, and major multinational corporations. We understand all sides of economic development and leverage that understanding to provide market-driven services that lead to job creation and capital investments.

Our services include:

    For more information on our other economic development services, please click here.

    Economic Impact Analysis

    Economic development bolsters public budgets and improves quality of life. The benefits of new tax revenue and jobs created through capital investments, directly and indirectly, augment the economic activity of any community. Through our Economic Impact Analysis process, SDG helps both public and private sector organizations demonstrate the true impact of capital investment and job creation. For more information on our Economic Impact Analysis process, please click here.

    Site Selection for U.S. Reshoring & Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

    Summary of Services: Finding Optimal Sites for your Investment in the U.S.

    Now, more than ever, reshoring production by U.S. companies or investment in the U.S. by foreign firms, is the right move. SDG is here to help your company thrive in the post-pandemic economy.

    Companies consider reshoring production or making first-time U.S. investments for many reasons:

    • Decreased supply chain risks
    • Rising foreign labor rates
    • Improved product quality
    • Protecting intellectual property
    • The increasing application of automation.

    SDG understands these drivers and can help both U.S. and foreign firms identify and evaluate optimal locations and facilitate your company’s decision to invest new capital in the U.S.

    For over two decades, Strategic Development Group has focused our site selection practice on locating manufacturing and headquarters facilities in the U.S. From Bridgestone and Nissan to BMW and BP, SDG’s growing list of satisfied clients, both domestic and foreign, is a testament to our diligence, experience, and efficiency at every level of the site selection process. Here at SDG, we are proud of our long-term relationships with companies both small and large from all over the globe.

    To download more information on SDG’s reshoring services, please click here.

    “Their proven expertise and commitment to our success has been invaluable.”

    “Strategic Development Group has been a trusted partner for over a decade, providing essential site selection and incentive negotiation services, most notably with their involvement in our siting of a new, state-of-the-art, micro-mini mill in Durant, Oklahoma. Their proven expertise and commitment to our success has been invaluable.”

    – Chip Gooding