It’s time for the next installment of Strategic Development Group’s countdown. SDG and David Letterman’s Late Show “Top Ten” lists have something in common. We both have about 25+ years of experience. So, we made our own “Top Ten” list. The top ten most frequent mistakes companies make in the site selection process. Prospective clients ask us often what mistakes to avoid in order to escape the pitfalls of relocating or expanding.

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Mistake #8: Lack of Alignment

You have probably been a part of a project team like this– finance, human resources, operations, sales, customer services, and other business leaders with their own siloed objectives. It’s not a bad thing. Businesses thrive with robust visions and opinions from varying perspectives. When it comes to site selection, though, it can lead to a disjointed goal and bumpy (if not dead-end) road to success.

Lack of alignment guarantees an inferior and costly search with false starts and missed deadlines. It can lead to business team members questioning goals after a search has begun and precious time and resources are expended.

Solution: Facilitated Unity

Seasoned site selectors help their clients define project success before a search starts. Projects started with the “end in mind” are more efficient and achieve the highest level of success. We call this the client alignment phase.

As part of this initial phase, we provide a framework for the verification of required site characteristics. Other site characteristics that are not essential but extremely beneficial are also identified. Weights of importance are assigned to these location variables and a search area is identified.

This process can be dynamic and even challenging as client team members may have differing thoughts on priorities. At SDG, we know how to unite a team around site search priorities and objectives. Through our facilitation, businesses come away with team and goal alignment that is often beneficial beyond the site selection process.

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