Loose Lips Sink Chips

Our SDG “Top Ten” list covers the most frequent mistakes companies make in the site selection process. Check out the other installments of our countdown!

Mistake #5: Failure to Maintain Confidentiality

The adage “loose lips sink ships” coined in World War II for government posters, warned against the dangers of unguarded discussion. That advice is solid in the world of site selection as well. Project confidentiality is key to success.

It goes without saying that site selection consultants should maintain confidentiality, and most understand the importance of their discretion. Frequently the primary source of confidentiality breaches come from within the client teams themselves. At SDG, we are sure to underpin the importance of confidentiality to our project teams. As part of the onboarding process, we clarify this point with all involved in the process.

As a result of this training, SDG clients maintain a competitive advantage and goodwill while avoiding potential employee turnover and lack of goodwill.


Advise clients on the importance of confidentiality prior to the selection of project team members. Educate all team members involved on the competitive advantages tied to their discretion.

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