It’s time for the next installment of Strategic Development Group’s countdown.  The top ten most frequent mistakes companies make in the site selection process.  It’s a common question we get from prospective clients looking to avoid the pitfalls of relocating or expanding.

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Mistake #9: Selecting a Site that Doesn’t Accommodate Future Growth

Selecting a site that does not have room for future expansion is a frequent and serious mistake made by inexperienced site selection teams. Initial installation of site infrastructure and general site preparation is an expensive cost component of any project. It is generally best to spread this investment over as much production capacity as possible.

Locating on a site that is too small limits future growth and results in unnecessary and repetitive capital investment for expansion. Additionally, expanding on a site that is too small may result in a reduction of buffer between a facility and residential or commercial uses. This can result in lighting or noise issues that generate unnecessary public relations challenges.

Solution: Be Visionary

Working with SDG, means businesses engage in the site selection process with decades of experience in their arsenal. We offer clients a vision of the future that may not be easy to imagine. Our goal is enduring success for businesses in their new homes. As a result, part of the analysis we provide includes a long view that ensures superfluous future costs will stay at a minimum and growth will not be inhibited unnecessarily.

Strategic Development Group

Our experienced team has one goal when we partner with your company—finding your project the best site for long-term success. We take a holistic approach and have the expertise to negotiate and navigate the intricacies of your unique company and needs.

Founded in 1999, SDG is a highly specialized site selection consulting firm. We focus on identifying optimum locations promptly, maximizing the value of incentives, and minimizing risk for corporations from across the globe. SDG has managed projects with capital investment from $15 million to over $1 billion for companies in a wide range of industries including automotive, chemical, steel, and life science.

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