Site Evaluation


Economic Development creates and preserves jobs and investments with enormous positive economic impact. The cornerstone of any successful economic development strategy is developing a robust portfolio of sites and buildings to attract new capital investment. Over our decades of experience, the SDG team has seen and evaluated thousands of sites. Our unique combination of high-level economic development and site selection expertise is simply not found in other consulting firms.


Our extensive time in the field nationwide allows us to evaluate your current and potential sites and give you a realistic assessment – considering every factor from a prospect’s point of view. Evaluations typically consider the following:

  • Environmental conditions such as wetlands, floodplains, and topography
  • Zoning and surrounding land use
  • Access to utilities
  • Transportation and logistics assets
  • Labor draw and demographics


As a part of our site evaluation projects, SDG conducts a site visit that mimics the visits that we conduct as a part of our site selection process. This gives you an opportunity to showcase your sites and your community as well as practice your presentation skills.


SDG will prepare a report of our findings on the site’s strengths and weaknesses. In addition, the report includes information on your workforce, ideas on potential target end-uses for the site, and recommendations on important site improvements.

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