It’s time for the next installment of Strategic Development Group’s countdown.  Our SDG “Top Ten” list covers the most frequent mistakes companies make in the site selection process. Check out the other installments of our countdown!

Mistake #2: Lack of Site Due Diligence

With all the factors involved in selecting a site on which your business will thrive, it’s easy to forget the geotechnical and environmental aspects. It is understandable that we get hung up on the price of the land, the workforce available, and the incentives being offered. However, if we fail to do the due diligence around the site’s physical health, businesses could endure significant unforeseen costs and delays.

Geotechnical issues can be very challenging.

  • Poor soil types
  • Rock formations or sinkholes
  • High water tables or the presence of wetlands
  • Archaeological issues
  • Endangered species

Take the undetected presence of an endangered species such as the red-cockaded woodpecker, which inhabits old stands of pine trees in the Southeast. Building in their habitat can result in serious project delays, generate significant mitigation costs, and may render portions of sites undevelopable.


Work with a site selection team experienced in navigating geotechnical and environmental reviews. Taking the time to engage the right people and data sources to evaluate the site will ensure a smoother process when it is time to break ground and build.

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