It’s time for the next installment of Strategic Development Group’s countdown.  Our SDG “Top Ten” list covers the most frequent mistakes companies make in the site selection process. Check out the other installments of our countdown!

Mistake #3: Non-Optimum Logistics

The challenge of logistics failures came front and center in March 2021 when the Suez Canal was blocked for six days by the Ever Given, a container ship that had run aground in the canal. Consumers had a front-row seat to the pain that happens when a single transportation option fails. That was a fairly dramatic fiasco for manufacturers and import/export companies. But logistics failings on any scale can chip away at companies’ bottom line in meaningful ways.

Failing to consider the cost of logistics related to highways, ports, rail, and air causes long-term repetitive cost disadvantages. Picking a less optimal location from a logistics perspective will place a non-competitive cost burden on a location for the duration of its existence. Due to higher costs and the inability to leverage one form of transportation against another, lifetime project costs swell.


Qualified site consultants ensure location cost modeling occurs to verify optimum logistics. Where possible, we recommend site locations that have multiple transportation options to create competition and shipping alternatives in the event there is an issue such as a shutdown or strike impacting primary options.

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